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Media Arts
Media Arts

We are compelled
to tell a story.

We use technology as a medium

We strive to find a way to convey our human experience through the art of storytelling. In a world of ever changing technology, we boldly explore and experiment with a variety of new mediums. Media Arts students are innovative, creative, and independent thinkers who are encouraged to explore, design and create rich communications.

upper school

We discover our own style

Students develop an eye for artistic expression, composition, editing skills and aesthetic valuing in photography, yearbook, film-study, broadcast production and graphic design classes. They also develop public speaking skills to communicate with different audiences, as well as leadership and mentorship competencies.

We discover our own style
We visualize solutions
Middle School

We visualize solutions

Media Arts is an exciting, constantly-evolving field for this next generation! Students focus on finding creative, visual solutions to communicate stories through understanding the design process, spatial relationships, elements of composition and digital imagery.


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