Admission Begins Here
Admission Begins Here
Theatre Arts

We thrive on theatrics.

We stand tall on stage

Students learn the importance, as both cast and crew, of taking ownership of their work, and the results are amazing! Self-discovery of unknown talents and gifts, strengths and weaknesses, group effort and camaraderie, happens on both sides of the curtain. These things may not be listed in the script, but they can make all the difference in a performance.

upper school

We improv and impress

Critical techniques learned include stage blocking, vocal projection, script reading, scene critiquing, and improv, to name a few. Performances allow students to challenge themselves in front of live audiences. Best of all, they experience the awesome process in which cast and crew become a family.

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We improv and impress
We act with abandon
Middle School

We act with abandon

Students are introduced to theatrical fundamentals and privided with interactive, technique-based experiences, like speaking in front of an audience and working as part of a cast. These opportunities draw on students’ creativity, self-expression, innovation and imagination. Lights, camera, ACTION!


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