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Instrumental Arts

We are expressive instrumentalists.

We practice for excellence

We endeavor towards personal excellence — the gradual result of always striving to do better  — through diligent practice, challenging ourselves to become the best musicians possible. Our band program is an ongoing legacy on campus, allowing all students to join a graduated level of training.

upper school

We listen intently and play passionately

Instrumental music focuses on interpretation, intonation, and expressive phrasing while encouraging individual expression. We strive for musical mastery as we learn how to improvise, play by ear, and read music.

We listen intently and play passionately
We find power in music
Middle School

We find power in music

Music provides a powerful emotional outlet for students to convey their thoughts and feelings. It can be incredibly therapeutic and a tremendous equalizer.


We express ourselves

Learning an instrument at an early age allows keen observers and quiet influencers to communicate through self-expression. We learn from our mistakes and become better musicians, building upon self-improvement and nurturing self-esteem.

We express ourselves

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