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Vocal Arts
Vocal arts

We sing with purpose.

We find our voice

Vocal students are immersed in the fundamental elements of music theory, technique and artistic expression. But finding one’s voice is just the beginning — courage, self-confidence, personal development, and accepting critique humbly — are just a few of the dynamic life lessons learned through vocal self-discovery.

upper school

We bare our souls through song

Anyone can express their emotions with music, and thankfully, everyone is born with one instrument: a voice to sing. Lives are transformed through self-expression as we inspire, exalt and spur one another on with our voices.

We bare our souls through song
We sing in harmony
Middle School

We sing in harmony

Our voices have the power to connect audiences through emotion. By blending, learning tone and proper technique, our souls sing as we learn through music.


We discover our sound

Music ignites all areas of child development at an early age, and skills — including intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy — are enhanced in educational perspectives.

We discover our sound

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