Connor Melehan, a senior at Santa Fe Christian, was named a National Merit Semi Finalist, an accomplishment that places him among the top 1% of the nation’s high school graduating seniors. Along with Melehan, six other Santa Fe Christian students were recognized as National Merit Commended Scholars. Administrators at SFC were extremely impressed that  6% of the senior class qualified for the NMCS program. 

“I am incredibly proud of all our National Merit Commended Scholars and Semi-Finalist from SFC,” said High School Principal, Matt Hannan. 

“These students have demonstrated their ability to shine both academically and spiritually as students of Santa Fe Christian. It gives me great hope for the world ahead to be able to work with such intelligent, grounded, and focused students.  It is a huge accomplishment to be in the top 1-3% of all test takers in the nation and I congratulate all of our SFC students who have achieved this high honor,” said Hannan.  

National Merit Semi-Finalist Connor Melehan, who joined SFC in 7th grade, has displayed exemplary dedication to his studies. Alongside his passion for history, advanced math, and Spanish classes, Melehan is an avid golfer. Furthermore, he has spearheaded a student-led project aimed at increasing representation for Indigenous students in college.

“I’ve enjoyed my history and advanced math/advanced math seminar classes in high school. Spanish has also been a great challenge,” said Melehan. “I am deeply grateful for the support I have received at SFC, and I’m excited to continue my journey.”

Joining Melehan are the commendable students recognized as National Merit Commended Scholars: Samuel Kramer, Daniel Osburn, Lucas Mauser, Hudson Taylor, and Amy Wolter. Each of these scholars has showcased their excellence in various fields, from mathematics to robotics, and their dedication to extracurricular activities.

Samuel Kramer, who has been a part of the SFC community since Kindergarten, excels in math and actively participates in the robotics team, reflecting the school’s commitment to providing diverse academic opportunities. 

“SFC has given me opportunities to explore many different academic areas. I am grateful for the endless possibilities I can pursue because of the school,” said Kramer.

Daniel Osburn, who has been a student at Santa Fe Christian since fourth grade, finds his passion in the math program, robotics, and electronics repair. Lucas Mauser, entering his senior year, appreciates the school’s math program, which has prepared him for college, and actively contributes to the robotics team.

Hudson Taylor, who joined SFC in 9th grade, is passionate about both math and art. Beyond academics, he enjoys surfing, snowboarding, and painting. 

“SFC has given me many opportunities and I have really enjoyed the amazing teachers that I have been able to learn from,” said Taylor. 

Amy Wolter, who has been with SFC since Kindergarten, stands out in her favorite classes, AP Biology and AP Chemistry. She is also an accomplished athlete, participating in cross country, track, and swimming, showcasing her well-rounded talents.

Merit Scholar designees are chosen based on their skills, accomplishments, and potential for success in rigorous college studies. Connor Melehan now has the opportunity to continue in the competition, with the final results set to be announced in the spring.

Read here in the Del Mar Times.