What are the three magic words to get to a child’s heart? Or better yet – What are the three words inside nonverbal body language to get to a child’s heart? It’s real simple, I’m with you. Let me see it again, I’m with you.

A child senses advocacy whether in the classroom, out on the field, or in your home. They need to know that someone’s for them.

Now these magical three words of I’m with you is nothing new – in fact, it’s one of the worst-kept secrets in all the universe! A third of the triune-God whom we serve, the Holy Spirit, has a nickname is the Paraclete. In the original language para is a preposition that means alongside and kalo or klete means to walk. So, the Holy Spirit is the one who walks alongside you! Think about it this way – your walking down a woodsy path alongside the Holy Spirit and occasionally the two of you touch arms and it’s casual. It’s intimate. It doesn’t bother you but it makes you feel safer. The fact is the Holy Spirit is walking alongside you just like that every single day. He is your Advocate!

What do children want? They want to know that you’re for them –  through thick and thin!

Let’s have a great week!