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Connect with Us
PRESCHOOL- Encinitas Campus

We encourage discovery.


Learn and explore

We love to talk about Jesus and the Bible, integrating it into the curriculum. Our goal is to meet the spiritual, academic, emotional, physical, and social needs of all of our students at Santa Fe Christian Preschool and offer a Transitional Kindergarden program. Please note that one parent or guardian must be a professing believer in Jesus Christ, agree with Santa Fe Christian Schools’ Statement of Faith and provide a written Christian testimony. Find out more about our preschool by scheduling a tour today!

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Discovery & Learning

Encourage Thinking and Exploration

Creative Arts

Develop Both Sides of their Brain

Joyful Play

Unlock Creativity and Imagination


Let’s get to know each other

We would love to get to know more about your family and give you an opportunity to explore how SFC can make an impact on your student.

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