On March 23, SFC sent two math teams of six students to the Long Beach State Math Contest, Math Day at the Beach. This is one of the largest math contests in all Southern California with 34 of the best high school math teams competing. There was a division for teams made up of only 9th and 10th graders and then a general division. Team 2 consisted of SFC students Aspen Lee, Amber Maxon, Brady Cole, Jonathan John, Lucas Contreras, and Carson Lau, who took first place in the 9th and 10th grade division.

The sports equivalent of placing in the top eight in this contest would be qualifying for the open division in CIF. Team 1, consisted of SFC Lucas Mauser, Samuel Kramer, Daniel Osburn, Ryan Rodrigue, Malia Park, and Conner Melehan, who took sixth place.

“The Long Beach math contest attracts most of the best math teams from LA and Orange County,” said Mike Maxon, SFC’s high school math teacher. “This was only our third time competing in this contest and I was pleasantly surprised when we won. We have a core group of students who have each put in over a thousand hours of math problem solving training to get as good as they are. I’m so happy to see them get to enjoy the fruits of their labor with this win.”

Three weeks later SFC’s math team competed in the TVUSD math contest. This contest draws from the best math teams in north county San Diego up through Temecula. The team of Lucas Mauser, Ryan Rodrigue, Samuel Kramer, Daniel Osburn, and Conner Melehan won first place. Lucas Mauser and Ryan Rodrigue also won medals at the contest by placing 2nd and 3rd overall in the individual round. Samuel and Daniel get an honorable mention as they tied for 4th individually.

Read here in the Del Mar Times.