The smell of Raising Cane’s, Board n Brew, and City Tacos filled Santa Fe Christian’s campus as the highly anticipated Senior Business Week kicked off last week. 

“Senior Business Week is an end-of-the-year econ project where we get into groups of about six people and get a product that we can then resell for the Santa Fe Christian community,” said Hudson Taylor, a senior at SFC. 

The project requires students to partner with local businesses, helping them get real-life experience working with some of the community’s favorite eateries.

Groups settle into roles such as CEO, CFO, CMO, and HR and learn the real-world challenges of running a business. This year, students in their respective roles met with SFC leadership to learn more about their day-to-day responsibilities. The groups then work together to come up with a business and pitch it to a panel of entrepreneurs. The group that raises the most money gets to donate a class gift to SFC. 

“It’s so cool to get hands-on experience. It definitely pays off with all the experience we’ve gained and it’s just been so much fun,” said senior Bryn Henson. 

It’s a project that tests the seniors’ communication, planning, and execution skills before they graduate and move on to their next endeavors. 

“Senior Business Week has a long-standing tradition of allowing students to gainexperiences and skills that will help them as they prepare for life after high school,” said Billy Thompson, high school teacher at SFC. “Problem-solving, communication, and teamwork are some of these life skills they cultivate as they learn how to run a business for a week.”  

It’s a project that SFC students look forward to years before they enter senior year. 

“Thank you so much to everyone who has come out and supported Senior Business Week. We appreciate it so much,” said senior Arden Sur. 

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