The old band shed was a mess. Percussion instruments and concert apparel entangled themselves into an obstacle course. Navigating through was one challenge; finding something was the ultimate challenge. However, senior band member Matthew Shuff (‘20) had a plan. He was going to take this shed by its rusty hinges and turn its mess upside down.

Matthew Shuff had participated in Boy Scout Troop 777 since fifth grade. Now as a senior in high school, the final rank of Eagle Scout beckoned. Eagle Scout is the highest achievement of Boy Scouts and since establishment in 1911, only four percent of Scouts earn this title. One must display merit, character, and leadership and conduct a community project. Matthew decided he would dedicate this Eagle Scout project to the band of Santa Fe Christian.

The project began with drafting a proposal for Mr. Hall and the administration and recruiting volunteers. “It took a lot of time and coordination. Without planning ahead, it wouldn’t have been done,” Matthew shares. The entire project involved thirty-three workers who logged in a total of 290 hours. Many of these were young boys volunteering from Matt’s own troop.

Matthew measured the shed, drew plans to build a large shelf, and prepared the building materials. Then, Matt directed his young troop members in unloading all the shed’s contents, while others took inventory of each item. After one last measurement to ensure the shelf’s dimensions were correct, a team began to fasten each part of the shelf.

At last, the work was complete. Together they stepped back to take in the fruit of their work: a clean, organized, functional shed, fitted with a huge shelf to house instruments. Through this project, boys from Matt’s troop got to experience serving alongside a mentor figure, and Matthew got to experience pouring into the younger boys. This experience was perfect practice for when, later that year, Matthew would go to Peru to work with young children.

Matt reflects on his experience in Boy Scouts saying, “It’s made me a better leader. I’m the co-president of the academic team, [and] I don’t think I could lead that without my leadership experience from boy scouts.” Santa Fe Christian is proud to see many Eagle Scouts come through the school and grateful for those who have directly contributed to the community through their projects.