Santa Fe Christian Schools (SFCS) 9th grade student, Jeremiah Cho (class of 2022), began his music training at the tender age of four. His mother, Elise Cho – a music teacher, pianist and singer – will tell you that he started earlier than most children, admitting, “He’s heard and felt music since he was in the womb.” His early love of music began with playing piano, but he became fascinated with the alto sax during his 4th grade year. He has continued music training with both instruments.

Fast forward to last year, Jeremiah entered the San Diego Music Teachers’ Association Piano Concerto Competition and placed 3rd. A video recording of his performance was submitted to the 7th annual New York Artists International Competition in April 2019, and that performance wowed the judges enough to honor him with placing 1st in the piano division. This competition had a great number of participants, all who were very talented, in the competition categories of piano, violin and cello.

The New York International Artists Association (NYIAA) is a not-for-profit organization established in 2010. Their mission is to provide fertile ground for aspiring professional musicians, as well as nonprofessionals, to form and realize their goals. By providing opportunities for musicians to perform and share their talents through healthy competition, the association encourages music-making of the highest order where dedication, honesty of expression, musicality, talent, and ingenuity are rewarded. NYIAA brings together musicians of all ages and levels in the spirit of seeking and sharing the beauty of music.

This 1st place win presented with him an invitation to play for the Winners’ Recital at the Lincoln Center in New York on May 18, 2019. David Hall, SFC’s Band Director, is incredibly proud of Jeremiah’s accomplishment, saying “Congratulations Jeremiah, on your hard work, your outstanding performance, and win!”

Jeremiah is a very busy student at SFC, focusing on his academics, along with his favorite sport, volleyball. He also plays in the Mainly Mozart Youth Orchestra. Mainly Mozart is a year-round program which inspires and instructs the next generation of musicians, serves students with cognitive differences, and gives students a chance to interact with the festival’s top artists. More than 200 students – from beginner to advanced, ages 3-23 – including those with special needs, participate every year.

Although Jeremiah enjoys both piano and alto sax, his passion for instrumental music lies with the alto sax. His near future plans are to continue his alto sax music training, right along with his other activities. Jeremiah has a younger sister, Ellie, who also attends SFC (class of 2025) and lives with his family in Carlsbad. We will continue to follow Jeremiah’s musical career in the years ahead. Congratulations again Jeremiah, on your outstanding performance and recent honors!