Have you ever wondered how a falling cat surprisingly lands on his paws? There is a scientific answer. Recently, I was introduced to a YouTube series called SmarterEveryDay, by Destin Sandlin. This guy asks fascinating questions about how things work, and then he films his own discovery process.

There is an episode about how falling cats masterfully land on their paws. Using a super slow motion camera, he explains the physics of the cat flip phenomenon. One, seemingly simple question of curiosity, cracked open the door to a whole new world of knowledge.

We are wired to be creatures of curiosity. As we mentor children and teens, a vital aspect is cultivating a robust curiosity – to discover things, ask deep questions, and wonder how and why things work.

To really grow your child’s curiosity, let them in on the joy and excitement you experience when discovering and learning new things. Curiosity begets curiosity. Humble learning begets humble learning. The cat flip sparked my curiosity. What ignites yours?