Boredom is the really dirty “B” word.

Besides banning curse words from our children’s mouths, I also prohibited the nasty “B” word – bored. If that “B” word came out of our child’s mouth, I would make them go outside and rake leaves in the yard until they were not bored.

Did you know that the Greeks in ancient times were word creators? As ancient Greeks observed the world around them, they created words to describe things – many of which are now used in the English language. That being said, I find it utterly fascinating that the ancient Greeks did not have a word for the concept of boredom. Most likely, the Greeks were so curious about the world around them and the heavens beyond them; they were never bored. They did create a word that I find very fascinating – skole, meaning well-intended leisurely pursuits or the freedom and time to pursue knowledge, like true, good, and beautiful things.

Derived from skole comes the word schole, from which we get the English word, school. The leap from leisure to learning is not as distant as you might think. To the Greeks, school at its core was designed to foster the fascination of learning and spark curiosity about the world. This is what we strive for at SFC. I strongly believe that we are at our very best when children are fully engaged and curious – in other words – in schole.