A Calculated Course
There is this well-known quote that sounds great, but is completely inaccurate: “A rocket to the moon spends only 7% of the time on the correct course; the rest of the time it is off course and needs to be corrected and put back on course.” While this sounds good, it is false. If this was true, we never would have made it to the moon. Scientists knew they would have to make some course corrections; however, they were so precise with the math calculations, the rocket was on course a majority of the time. For a 143-hour mission, they only planned for a total of five scheduled rocket corrections. And in the end, they only needed to use two. Obviously, they were on course more than 7% of the time.

Course Corrections
This is what parenting is like – you know what you want your child to be like when they’re adults – you’re not wondering! If you spent 93% of the time in course-correction, your kid would be falling apart! As parents, we really do know what we want, but at the same time, we also recognize that there will be a few places that will need course-correction along the way. I was thinking about my son, now 22 and out of college while spending time together. Sure, there were times I had to do a little course-correction with Ryan. Yet ultimately, I knew what I wanted – an independent, grown man who loves Christ.

Dreams and Ideals
Just like Angie and I knew what we wanted for our two children, you have dreams and ideals for your kids. As a parent whose kids are now solid adults, navigating the real world and staying on course – be encouraged. Though the world is telling you that you need to be more anxious and stressed about your children’s futures with college and who they’ll become, you need to know that you all are doing a great job! What you are doing for your kids right now is good. The course has already been clearly set – they are maintaining that trajectory and will continue to do so with a few, minimal course corrections along the way.

And through the years, we are here to come alongside you as you mentor your children into adulthood.