This month, Santa Fe Christian’s Chief Technology Officer, Rob Honma, was honored with a top tech award in the nonprofit business category at the 16th annual Top Tech Awards, held in San Diego. The event celebrated the region’s information technology (IT) leaders, recognizing their outstanding contributions across various sectors, including business, education, government, and nonprofit organizations.

 “I am extremely humbled and honored to be acknowledged by San Diego’s finest IT leaders with this award,” said Honma. “While much of IT’s responsibilities are about ‘keeping the lights on,’ I’m so grateful to the SFC board, leadership team, and especially my department for allowing me to steward such key innovations for our SFC community.”

Honma has been at the forefront of technological advancements at SFC, particularly in the areas of network-based broadcasting implementation, safety and security improvements, and network infrastructure upgrades in educational institutions. Under his leadership, Santa Fe Christian has made significant strides in enhancing its technology infrastructure and security measures.

“Having Rob as our Chief Technology Officer has been a tremendous addition to our campus,” said Erik Aguon, Head of Security at SFC.“His vast knowledge of all things IT pours over to increasing our capabilities of physical security by providing us with systems and tools that make our campus a more secure and safe place to learn and work.”

One notable achievement has been the implementation of advanced security technology. Additionally, the innovative use of Geo-fencing allows the security team to create no-occupy zones and receive immediate alerts in case of perimeter breaches. These advancements have significantly improved the safety and security of the Santa Fe Christian community.

What sets Honma apart is his ability to effectively communicate high-level technological concepts and translate them into actionable strategies for his team.

“We are not siloed in our job roles,” said Honma. “I believe everyone should possess as much cross-functional skills and knowledge to be able to do their jobs well. The sky’s the limit on what you want to learn regardless of title.”

The Top Tech Awards ceremony brought together more than 600 attendees, shedding light on the vital role that technology leaders play in driving progress and innovation in various sectors. Honma’s dedication and contributions serve as an inspiration to the entire IT community.