Last week, Santa Fe Christian hosted their 25th annual Veterans Celebration, a heartfelt tribute to honor local veterans in the San Diego community. 

The celebration featured performances from SFC’s band, choir, dance troupe, and keynote speaker Jason Nollette, Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. 

“As students of faith, we are called not only to remember but to actively live out the principles that our veterans have defended,” said Nollette. “We can honor their sacrifices by striving for peace, justice, and unity in our own lives and communities. We can carry forward the torch of service by volunteering, extending a helping hand, and showing kindness to those in need. In doing so, we not only honor our veterans but also fulfill our Christian duty to love and serve one another.”

Three of the Veterans in attendance were WWII Veterans, one of them including James Ziegler, a corporal in the US Marine Corps. Mr. Ziegler, who spoke to US history students at Santa Fe Christian before the celebration, shared his experiences and wisdom with the younger generation.

James Ziegler holds a special connection to Santa Fe Christian as the grandfather of Megan Ziegler, the school’s AP science teacher. “We learn by listening to those who have gone before us as they share their stories, their experiences, and their mistakes,” said Megan Ziegler.  “It’s important for today’s young men and women to learn from a generation that overcame immense adversity because they, too, face a future that will have challenges, conflict, and global problems that will need solving. I hope that our students heard my grandfather’s encouragement to work together in the face of challenges in the pursuit of solutions and resolution.

Other WWII Veterans included Roy Mosteller, whose grandkids attend SFC.

The annual Veterans Celebration has become a beloved tradition for many Santa Fe Christian families and Veterans in the San Diego community. The school is proud to continue this tradition of gratitude and respect, recognizing the invaluable contributions of our Veterans and instilling a sense of duty and service in the hearts of its students.