Santa Fe Christian’s high school seniors have once again teamed up with several local businesses for the highly anticipated Senior Business Week. This annual event, which occurs in May, brings together students to foster creativity, entrepreneurship, and economic knowledge. This year, some of the partnering businesses include Rudy’s Taco Shop, Board and Brew, Cali Cream, Eat Crispy Burger, and Surf Brothers Teriyaki.

Senior Business Week serves as an end-of-the-year economics project, where SFC seniors form entrepreneurial teams and establish small businesses offering food and merchandise to their fellow students, alumni, and families.

“Senior Business Week is an incredible opportunity for our students to apply their knowledge of economics in a practical setting,” said Jeremiah Kiely, economics teacher at Santa Fe Christian. “Through this project, they learn valuable principles such as supply and demand, cost analysis, investment strategies, advertising campaigns, profit generation, innovation, work ethic, and the importance of teamwork.”

Senior Business Week has become a cherished tradition at Santa Fe Christian, attracting not only the student body but also the local community. It not only showcases the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of the school’s seniors but also strengthens ties between the educational institution and the local business community. The proceeds generated during Senior Business Week contribute towards the seniors’ gift back to the school, which includes tuition assistance for future students.

“Senior Business Week has become more than a project for our seniors. It is a part of the culture of SFC and is a time and place where our entire school community of K-12 students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents – gather to see and celebrate the hard work of our seniors,” Jeremiah added.