The evil and dangerous pursuit of perfection is the enemy of the pursuit of excellence. Let me say that again, seeking perfection only gets in the way of a life of excellence.

Think about the body life issues that our children are confronted with these days. Social media advertising teaches them about flawless skin, the exact body type. I mean, this is not a surprise to you, we all know this. But even for the most well-grounded little boys and girls and teenage young men and women, it gets extremely difficult to understand the difference between being excellent within their foibles and their flaws. And do you know what they really want? They want advocates like you – you parents, and teachers, and coaches – to invest in them and also admit the fact that you too have foibles, flaws, and imperfections.

Let me tell you a little secret – give yourself a break – don’t wake up every morning thinking you got to be perfect for the children! It will not only shame yourself – your sham in front of the children! Give yourself a break. Let-off a little bit – pursue excellence, but let go of the perfection goal. And you know what the kids will see? They’ll see a real authentic person. And don’t we all want to be around role models that are real authentic people? I know I do.

So take a step back, take a breather, and give yourself some room. And wake up every day and know that by God’s grace you are not only imperfect you’re valuable within your imperfections.

Let’s have a great week!