So much happens at Santa Fe Christian. Find out more about what makes SFC different than any other school by reading our latest stories.

Baseball in the Dominican Republic

The Eagles baseball team ran clinics, played with kids, and served the local church in the Dominican Republic.

Filling GAPs in AZ

Eighty Middle School students join together to offer assistance to orphans, veterans, homeless and refugees in Tucson, Arizona.

Jesus is My Jam

Through music, art, journals, and discussion, Middle School girls get to explore their unique gifts, talents, goals and dreams and become more encouraging, too.

School Phenomena

Fifty-nine seniors are a part of this year’s spring musical, West Side Story. How did this happen? Director Matt Corsaro talks with eNews.

SFC Teachers Create Insta Idea

A text conversation about student engagement sparked an idea of using Instagram to communicate class happenings to others.

Boys D1 Basketball Champions

For the first time in program history, the Eagles won the title of Division I CIF Champions. In addition to leading the Eagles to the State championship playoffs, Coach Chad Bickley was named San Diego County CIF Coach of the Year.

Advanced Placement Is Put to the Test

AP offerings allow students to choose courses they find interesting and experience a college level course.

Problems Solved by MISSION: Math

Families and friends have fun while banning together to solve some very difficult problems during Family Math Night

Building Community In Middle School

With the support of an adult, Students discuss current topics and learn to be authentic with a group of peers.