Stanford Mathematics educator Jo Boaler  in her book “Mathematical Mindsets” states, “The new evidence from brain research tells us that everyone, with the right teaching and messages, can be successful in math, and everyone can achieve at the highest levels in school.”

With this philosophy as a backdrop, Mr. Maxon and Miss Enriquez provide an opportunity for students in the Lower School to engage in a math club as young as second grade. Mr. Maxon joyfully states, “Our goal is to start to develop kids at an early age to become expert math problem solvers. The younger they start, the better they can get.” By starting at a young age, students can  develop a love and appreciation of the subject.

What happens in LS Math Club? Students are placed in a group with Miss Enriquez or Mr. Maxon and work individually and in groups to solve challenging math problems from the Beast Academy practice books. Then, together, the class discusses the math ideas and various problem solving strategies they used while solving the problems. There is a Math Club in the Lower, Middle and Upper School. If you would like to learn more about the club contact Mr. Maxon at [email protected].