The Fine Arts program and AP Art is one of things that sets SFC apart from other schools. For example, AP 2D Design Art student Briana Healy chose to honor young men who served their country in the armed services, through 12 works of art. Brianna took this artistic journey to a personal level because she included images of her grandfather, James Healy, who was a WWII Marine. James Healy fought in the Battles of Pelileu and Okinawa against the Japanese in the Pacific; both of these battles took the lives of thousands of Marines as they fought daily to gain just a “few feet” on the ground.

Plus, congratulations to AP Art students Rachel Davis and James Zhou for having their work accepted by The Groff Exhibition – the highly competitive all San Diego County high school art show! The exhibition, named after the late artist and educator Bruce Groff, is designed as the preeminent local presentation of high school art. This exhibition is juried by a three-person panel, each member of the panel representing an influential perspective in the qualitative judgment of visual art in our community.

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